Top Eleven Things to Know About Midwest Medical

For over thirty years, Midwest Medical has been in the medical transportation business. During that time, the company has committed itself to providing excellent care to the patients they transport. Here is an in-depth look at eleven things about Midwest Medical that you should know.

1. Serving Hospitals and Individual Patients

Midwest Medical offers premier ambulance transportation services to dozens of communities. In fact, they work with thousands of hospitals and healthcare organizations, caring for tens of thousands of patients each year. To fulfill transport needs by hospitals and individual patients, the group maintains a fleet of more than one hundred ambulances and over 50 wheelchair vans.

2. Basic Life Support

As a medical transportation company, having a team of highly-skilled EMTs is key to making sure patients, that require Basic Life Support (BLS), are transported with the utmost care. Midwest Medical’s licensed EMTs go through 6-10 months of training and education on BLS. Basic patient care skills include oxygen therapy, IV monitoring, medication assistance, advanced aid to injuries, first aid and orthopedic care. 

3. Advanced Life Support

Midwest Medical is also dedicated to providing patients with highly-trained paramedics. With such a skillful team, expert Advanced Life Support (ALS) can be delivered to patients in need. Paramedics can perform important cardiac monitoring, intubation and IV medication administration. These ALS paramedics undergo 18-24 months of rigorous training and practice to obtain state and national certifications. 

4. Para-Transit Wheelchair Transport

Midwest Medical provides para-wheelchair transportation options for those who strive to maintain their independence. Para-transit drivers are CPR certified by the American Heart Association and can assist in prescribed oxygen therapy while on the move. This service can help patients get where they need to go, whether it’s doctor visits, physical therapy or other appointments. 

5. Event Medical Stand-bys

When attending a sporting event or outdoor concert, it’s comforting to know that medical assistance is always nearby. With medical stand-by, Midwest Medical can place multiple ambulances with professional paramedics, specialized in Basic and Advanced Life Support, where they are needed most. Medical stand-by coverage can be scheduled for large and small events such as sporting events, concerts, 5K runs, car races, company events, and much more.

6. Community Outreach

During times of natural disaster, Midwest Medical lends a hand to those in need. In 2018, the company sent several crews to the East Coast during Hurricane Florence. Paramedics worked closely with FEMA to assist in evacuating nursing home residents and rescuing people who were stranded.

7. Student Outreach

Inspiring the next generation of medical professionals is important to Midwest Medical. By participating in high school career days, students receive hands-on experience with equipment and tools that paramedics and EMTs use to assist patients. The opportunity also exposes students to the different public service career paths, from Ground Paramedic to EMS Pilot.

8. Locations Throughout the Midwest

Midwest Medical has a large presence in middle America. The company has more than 30 ambulance stations throughout Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and Ohio. To manage the logistics of patient transportation, a communications center was established to dispatch crews more efficiently. 

9. Expanding Into New Cities

The company’s origin can be traced back to Columbus, Nebraska in 1987; by the early 2000s, Midwest Medical began expanding throughout the state. Today, they are one of the fastest growing medical transportation companies in the region. Services have recently begun in Cleveland, Ohio, and there are plans to bring services to additional areas. 

10. New Career Opportunities

With the expansion of services to Ohio, new career opportunities are available for those looking to start or continue their medical career. Midwest Medical has openings available for EMTs and Paramedics, as well as Dispatchers, Station Managers, and Fleet Managers. Those interested in joining the Midwest Medical team can explore career options by visiting

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