Midwest Medical Expands to Cleveland, Ohio

Midwest Medical, a regional leader in medical transportation services, has been recently contracted to provide ambulance service to begin servicing the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Expansion to Cleveland presents a great opportunity for the company to provide professional medical transportation services to what is now considered their largest contracted customer. Midwest Medical has been able to move into larger markets because of their continued focus on customers’ needs, health systems, and forming strong partnerships that ensure patients are being efficiently transported with great care. 

Growth in Ohio is not only limited to Cleveland, Midwest Medical started providing service in Columbus, Ohio earlier this year. Investing in technology and improving capabilities is one of the key elements in meeting the transportation demands as their territory continues to grow. Staffing is the other part of their expansion equation, with the need to fill over 300 positions for their new clinic location in Cleveland. 

“Ohio has presented us with a lot of opportunity for the continued growth of our company”, said Jeff Shullaw, CEO of Midwest Medical. “The partnerships we have been able to establish in both Columbus and Cleveland have been, and will be, beneficial for patients we serve, hospital systems, and Midwest Medical.”

Expansion opportunities continue to be at the forefront of Midwest Medical’s vision. That vision includes moving into new markets and expanding existing markets, whether that happens by natural growth opportunities or by strategic partnerships. 

Founded in Columbus, Nebraska in 1987, Midwest Medical provides ground medical transport services across several states throughout the Midwest. Professionally trained EMS personnel handle basic life support, advanced life support, critical care transport, and bariatric services.